For Reviewers

Here are some tips for contributors that will reduce editing time and get your reviews visible faster.

Getting Started

  1. Read some reviews on this site to get an idea of how user reviews are written. These are meant to be first-hand users accounts of products.
  2. Next, register an account (link is on the right). If you already have a WordPress blog elsewhere, this site does not (and can’t) know that password. Pick a new one (or the same one, as we can’t see what it is).
  3. Please use your full name because we use it to display your copyright over your article. That’s right, you keep the copyright and you permit this site to display your content.
  4. Write a few words about yourself in the Biography field. You must mention your approximate location and country, as it helps to get a context for some of your remarks in the article. This is shown at the bottom of your review in a box.
  5. Use the same email address that you used to store your photo at so that your bio text automatically includes your photo.
  6. In the URL field, provide a link to your own website, blog or Twitter/Facebook page. That must be a family-friendly website. (Please don’t link to a transient page, e.g. an eBay item you are selling.)
  7. Fill out the Contact Us form and request to be upgraded to a Contributor, as we get a few people who register without intending to be authors. If you feel comfortable in taking screen shots or photographs and resizing images to accompany your review, ask to be upgraded to Author. This gives you additional buttons to upload media.
  8. Wait for your account to be activated. This might take a few hours or a few days. (This is a non-commercial site.) Then log in to view the Dashboard.

Who Can Write Reviews CEviews?

  • You must have used the product that you are reviewing. You need not have owned it. If you received an item for review from a PR agency (and thus didn’t pay for it), please mention this. All that matters is credibility of your review and of this site.
  • Please don’t write fake reviews of products you haven’t used, else you will violate the US FTC guidelines and the Feds will come after you!

Writing the Review CEview

  • You will find the writing interface very easy to use and you may not need a tutorial, but if you do, Google “wordpress tutorial” and check them out.
  • Choose Add New from the Posts menu on the left. This opens the editor.
  • Write just the product name as the title. e.g. Microsoft Office 2010 Professional. Be sure this is exactly how it is depicted on the product. Don’t add “Review” to the title, as this is done automatically.
  • Write your review in the large edit window. Start a new paragraph as necessary and add short headings.
  • Be fair to the product – cover the good and the bad.
  • Be respectful to the manufacturer and to readers.
  • Mention where you bought it (or who you borrowed it from), so that the reader can get some context for your point of view. E.g., if you live in India and are writing about an iPhone, it would help the reader to know that there are no Apple stores in your country.
  • Please submit unique, original content, not something that is already on the web. Google does not show duplicate pages in a search result.
  • If you have published¬†your review¬†elsewhere on the web, please make some effort to rewrite it, particularly headings. Outright plagiarism, when detected, will cause your account to be removed.
  • If you intend to resubmit the review elsewhere at a later date, please rephrase it before doing so – they may want to put it online and you don’t want Google to hide that copy.
  • If your review was authored in Microsoft Word, look for the Paste from Word button above the edit window. (If you see only one row of buttons, then click the keyboard icon on the far right, known as the “Kitchen Sink”). The Word icon will now show in the middle of the second row. Copy in Word and paste it inside this special window. This avoids a long of strange characters from showing in the review.
  • Images should be no wider than 500 pixels for now.
  • Below the edit window, select the applicable Rating Categories. Be sure to include the Overall Rating for all reviews. Software usually has Features, Price, Service and Support and Setup and Interface. PC hardware usually has Features, Price, Service and Support and Performance. Cameras and TVs also have Design and Image Quality.
  • The Post Image is not used in this template. It is OK to skip this.
  • For the Visit Site link, you must link to the original manufacturer, not reseller. This shows as the Vendor Link in the published article.
  • The Custom Fields area is mentioned later.
  • Under Discussion, leave the Allow comments ticked. Do not tick Allow trackbacks and pingbacks on this page.
  • Next, go to the WPRS: My Ratings. This is where you provide your ratings.
  • In the All In One SEO Pack block, copy the Title you entered at the top. In the Description field, write a catchy description that will tempt the Google searcher to click the link above all other results on that page. In the Keywords field, add 3-4 phrases separated by commas relating to the product, e.g. Panasonic, Lumix, TZ7.

Adding an Affiliate Link

  • This step is optional.
    • Pro: you may earn a small affiliate commission if someone buys through the link.
    • Con: A reader may distrust the review if they think that the commission was your main motivation to recommend the product.
  • You may include just one affiliate link to the product you are reviewing, such as one from Amazon. It has to be an “http://blah.blah” URL because it gets wrapped in a “<a href” tag. You may not insert a Google AdSense link in the article.
  • In the Custom Fields section above, select from the drop-down menu affurl and in the field to its right you enter your affiliate URL. Then click Add Custom Field. (This should be just an http://etc… URL and not a few lines of code such as an iframe or JavaScript, else the link will not work. Ask your affiliate manager for a normal URL if you can’t figure it out.)
  • If you need help with this step, please use the Contact Us form.
  • Your link will be marked up automatically as a no-follow link to keep Google happy.


  • Please wait for an editor to check and approve your review.

Thank you in advance. We hope you will write at least one review soon.

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Review by jeanchartrand, March 16, 2014

my magic jack dont work i pay for 5 yeard exp date is 12 07 15

Review by Ash Nallawalla, March 16, 2014

That’s very sad, but this is a review site and has nothing to do with MagicJack or any other company mentioned here. Please contact MagicJack directly. It would also help to say a bit more than “It doesn’t work.” Did it work before? What changed in the computer? What happens now, e.g. does the dialer appear on the screen or not? Do your contacts appear? Don’t tell us, but tell MagicJack.

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