Frequently Asked Questions

Who may write a review CEview?

You may, provided you are a genuine user of the product (but not if you work for the manufacturer or a related agency or have some vested interest). Please see the For Reviewers page for detailed instructions on becoming an author.

How are contributors rewarded?

Reviewers are not paid by ceviews.org to contribute articles.

An author can take the option to include a single affiliate link at the end of the review. Anyone buying the product after clicking that link will cause a small commission to flow directly to the writer from the merchant’s affiliate manager.

Each review includes Google AdSense ads at the top so that anyone clicking an ad out of genuine interest causes a small payment to flow to ceviews.org to help with the running costs. Encouraging anyone to click the AdSense or the author’s affiliate links will result in removal of the author’s account.

What does a review contain?

A review needs to be comprehensive and balanced – at least 200 words, which is about one or two screen scrolls, but it can be as long as you wish. We don’t want a rewrite of the product brochure, but do cover its main features, installation (if applicable), how it worked for you (or didn’t work), tech support if you used it and a final recommendation.

Can I write a negative review?

This is not a place to air just your complaint about a product, but a balanced review can certainly include negative remarks. Your conclusion can also be negative, e.g. “I would not recommend this product.” Don’t resort to emotional words such as “It sucks!” Sometimes a company’s customer service is poor – we don’t want a review of their customer service. We want a fair review of the product but you can mention their poor service (without it dominating the content). You can give a zero-star rating in the Service field.

You can also write a negative mini-review below a full review, but emotional rants are not wanted. There are other sites where you can do that.

How many reviews can I write?

You can write as many reviews as you like, provided that you have actually used the products and, preferably, have paid for them.

What if I don’t have an affiliate account?

There is no compulsion to include an affiliate link, but if you need help in finding a scheme to join, ask through the contact form and we will point you to some affiliate networks.