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Xbox 360 Chatpad

I’ve been playing a lot of Xbox 360 games lately which have involved using the clumsy, slow on screen text input keyboard which using the controller’s thumbpad to move between keys. This method takes a while and is very tedious, especially when playing games such as Viva Piñata which has dozens of instances of naming characters all throughout its gameplay.


Here are some other instances of this coming in handy:

  • Sending text messages to friends on xbox live to organise online gameplay
  • Inputting Microsoft Points cards
  • Inputting other redeemable DLC passwords
  • Signing into your Xbox Live account
  • Using Facebook/ Twitter
  • Naming your characters in games.

This device clips onto the bottom of your Xbox 360 controller. It is very comfortable and still allows you to plug your microphones into the bottom of the controller (unless you have one of the older chunky headseats from early model Xbox 360 bundles) but that is not an issue as these come bundled with an extra new-style headset anyway (****).

These are very comfortable and do not get in the way of gaming at all. I usually leave my Chatpad connected even when playing games that do not require its use. I’ve noticed some people online say the Chatpad is a waste of money and that they’d rather just use a real keyboard via USB but that sounds pretty inconvenient to me. I don’t want to go picking up a ???? and connecting a keyboard every time I want to type something on my Xbox.  Whenever my friends have tried to sign into their Xbox Live account from my Xbox they have always mentioned that they really liked the Chatpad and it is much faster than the usual method. It is similar to typing on a mobile phone.

They sell for AU$49.95 in Australia and US$29.95 in America. Definitely worth getting especially if you can pick one up cheap. I got mine for about AU$25 inc postage second hand  from Palgn.com.au

Keith Nallawalla

Full-time student.